Leaders aspire to inspire employees to acquire “The Attributes of Employee of the Future”

The age old dispute of Leaders versus Managers will continue.  However, developing “The Employee of the Future” will require you possess:

  • Enough confidence in yourself to enjoy seeing your people contribute and gain recognition.
  • Enough humility to know you must listen to others and be receptive to ideas as a good or better than your own approach.
  • Enough curiosity to encourage debate over strategies—to better know if you have weaknesses you haven’t thought of – or strengths you may underestimate.
  • Enough fairness to correctly want the best people to be promoted without regard to any considerations other than ability.
  • Enough pride to want to be a good teacher to share your knowledge and experience with others.
  • Enough loyalty to want your successors to be in a position to contribute more to the growth and development of the company than you have –to have employee succession add impetus to the company rather than slow it down.
  • Enough respect for others to recognize the unique and important contribution each and every person can make.
  • Enough sensitivity to realize that all our employees need to feel pride in themselves and their work.

– Author Unknown

Aspire to inspire and make a difference in your Organizational Climate and Culture.

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